Steven Vitale, Ph.D, P.E. - Bio

Dr. Vitale is an expert on Gas technologies related to distribution infrastructure and LNG plants. Dr. Vitale has a 38 year career of Gas Utility innovation, developing creative solutions for the Gas Industry and developing the gas industry's human resources. In 1984 he became the assistant manager of the KeySpan R&D program. He was promoted to Manager of that program and then to General Manager and then to Vice President and Chief Engineer (the highest technical title in the company). As Chief Engineer he was considered the final word on technical matters for the company. He played a major role in developing the company's NGV, Cogeneration and Fuel Cell programs. As a leader in R&D he served on many regional, national and international R&D advisory committees and technical exchange programs. He was the lead person of the Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, British Gas, Gaz de France and Rurh Gas technical exchange programs. He championed challenging conventional operating philosophies by the application of out of the box thinking about the system of the future and the products and services of the future. His more than 38 years of natural gas utility operations experience includes Vice President and Chief Engineer for KeySpan Energy Delivery Companies and its New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire operations serving 2.5 million gas customers. In this position he was responsible for KeySpan's R&D program, gas system growth planning, gas system integrity planning, gas system reliability planning, gas system reinforcement program, main replacement policies, standards and procedures; pipeline cathodic protection activities; system security planning; and operation and maintenance of 14 LNG storage facilities and 14 propane air facilities.

In 2004 Dr. Vitale formed Vitale Technical Services Inc., a company committed to advancing the Energy Industry. As president of Vitale Technical Services, Dr. Vitale applied his technical experience to teach numerous technical Gas Industry courses and he authored LNG and Gas, An Operators Guide to Thermodynamics. He continues his career with a major focus on applying technology and emerging products to: grow the Gas Business, transform the Gas Industry for cost efficiency, ensure a safe and reliable Gas System, provide LNG solutions, provide flexible engineering for the future, and develop the Energy Industry human resources.

Dr. Vitale has developed numerous training programs for newly constructed LNG facilities in several countries and was the lead commissioning engineer for a major import terminal expansion commissioning. He presently provides teaching and consulting services for many entities of the energy industry.

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