Bio Highlights - Steven Vitale - Vitale Technical Services Inc.

1) Developed report and presented same to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities regarding the Gas System design requirements of the South Jersey Gas System.
2) Made a field investigation and report on the adequacy of a Peak Shaving LNG facility in Indiana.
3) Made a 2 week inspection of the QNL Quintero LNG import terminal in Chile and a follow up report prior to QNL accepting the plant from the EPC contractor.
4) Was a commissioning engineer for the Cove Point LNG import terminal plant expansion (approx. 9 months of work). This included the addition of 6.6 BCF of storage, 800MMSCFD of Sendout capacity and 44 MW of electric generation equipment. This also included evaluating the quality and adequacy of equipment delivered by the EPC contractor, the adequacy of the HAZOP items resolution, and the adequacy of the equipment with regard to code compliance (NFPA 59A, and 49 CFR PART 193) and operability. As the commissioning engineer I became thoroughly knowledgeable with the entire pre and post expansion plant and I was heavily involved in troubleshooting difficulties during commissioning.
5) Provided a review of the Cove Point HAZOP related to the Cove Point Expansion project. This involved revisiting every item covered in the initial HAZOP study and comparing the initial work to the final "as built" plant. Follow up included facilitating discussions between Cove Point and CBI personnel on resolution of all new and outstanding items.
6) Provided facilitating services for Cove Point and CB&I personnel to develop a plant commissioning schedule, identify critical path items and address potential deficiencies in construction equipment and methods.
7) Updated and combined the Cove Point post expansion Operating Manual into a single integrated document. This covered all plant interfaces and the new operating modes combining the pre and post expansion equipment and procedures. This work involved making new drawings, and new text to make the final plant document covering all aspects of plant operation.
8) Provided Cove Point new employee training. I developed and presented on 2 occasions this 2 week course. It included a thorough teaching on all of the Cove Point Systems, Equipment and operating procedures. Special emphasis on ship unloading, circulation and abnormal modes of operation were made to help learners understand the dynamics of the plant processes.
9) Provided Cove Point Lead Operator training. This training focused on the development of Lead Operating staff to better understand and troubleshoot the post expansion plant operation.
10) Provided for Cove Point Lead Technicians a course on Cove Point LNG plant thermodynamics. This course applied thermodynamic analysis to the Cove Point Plant equipment to help learners understand normal and abnormal plant operations.
11) Provided for Cove Point the Code required refresher training for LNG technicians. This is an e-learning program intended to satisfy the code requirements while sharpening the skills of the LNG technicians.
12) Provided Expert Testimony for Columbia Gas of Ohio for Rate Case regarding adequacy of their Gas Infrastructure as compared to U.S. other similar utilities.
13) Provided Expert Testimony for Columbia Gas of Kentucky for Rate Case regarding adequacy of their Gas Infrastructure as compared to U.S. other similar utilities.
14) Provided Report for inclusion in testimony for the staff of Dominion Gas East Ohio regarding adequacy of their Gas Infrastructure as compared to U.S. other similar utilities.
15) Prepared Report for presentation to an arbitrator on behalf of a merchant generator supplying Wisconsin Electric regarding turbine damage and gas quality.
16) Report for an LNG peak shaving facility related to the impact of gas composition changes on liquid storage
17) Investigative analysis related to contracting services provided to a USA utility (confidentiality does not allow me to elaborate more)
18) Developed numerous site specific LNG training Courses including those shown below: These courses often referenced the various code requirements of NFPA 59A, 49 CFR 193, the Canadian LNG Code and the European LNG code.
a. 4 week course for the QNL Quintero LNG import terminal in Chile
b. 2-4 week course for the Costa Azul LNG import terminal in Mexico
c. Train the trainer course for Costa Azul LNG trainers
d. 2 week course for the Canaport LNG import terminal in Canada
e. Train the trainer course for the Canaport trainers
f. Safety LNG course for Operators, technicians, contractors, and visitors for the Canaport facility Canada.
g. Multiple - 1 week hands on Plant Operator course for Canaport technicians at the EcoElectrica import terminal in Puerto Rico
h. 1 week course for Petro China, China
i. 3 Day course for AES LNG import terminal operators in the Dominion Republic
j. Multiple 2 week courses for LNG technicians at the Cove Point LNG import terminal
k. Lead Operator Course for Cove Point seasoned technicians
l. E-Learning course for CFR 49 compliance
19) Developed and taught numerous Open Enrolment Courses given at various times (National and International) including:
i. LNG Terminal Operations (twice a year)
ii. LNG and Gas Thermodynamics (based on the book I authored - titled "LNG and Gas an Operators Guide to Thermodynamics") 2-3 times a year
iii. Peak Shaving LNG course (once)

20) Presently I am developing a 40 hour e-learning course covering all aspects of LNG import terminals. This will be followed by a similar course on LNG Peak Shaving and then a course on LNG Liquefaction Facilities.
21) Authored the book "LNG and Gas an Operators Guide to Thermodynamics".
22) Developed an RFP for a Natural Gas Pretreatment Facility at the Pine Needle LNG facility in North Carolina.
23) Provided specialized training and program review for the PG&E portable pipeline program.

Prior to my work at Vitale Technical Services (founded in 2004), I was Vice President and Chief Engineer of KeySpan Energy (now National Grid) and was responsible for all Engineering (21,000 mile system supplying 2.5 million customers) and Production facilities including 14 LNG plants and 14 Propane Air facilities.

I just completed a 4 day course on LNG terminals in Rotterdam in June2011 and a 5 day course on Peak Shaving LNG plants and LNG Thermodynamics in North Carolina in late July 2011.

I am scheduled to deliver part of a 5 day Terminal's course in Osaka Japan and a Peak Shaving course in Shanghai China in October 2011.

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